1. Some people lose all of their villagers when updating to 1.0.5. There is no known way to fix this even if you log in and out.

2. Some Villagers/Knights will spawn inside a wall and die.

3. Some people hire workers at tier 1 and upgrade to tier 2 and lose ALL their workers.

4. Installing the mod with MCPatcher will cause the game to crash when trying to start.

5. If all this doesn't help se the tutorial on to get an error report, paste it with or similar services and post a link to the paste in the comments on this page.

6. It is confirmed that the Timber! mod conflicts with the Tale of Kingdoms mod. Many users have complained that their mobs are not dropping gold, even after they have signed up for a contract. This is because the Timber! mod will automatically cancel players' contracts randomly. Using the Treecapitator mod, however, which does the same thing, has no conflict. So, if your kills are not dropping gold and you have the Timber! mod, delete the mod and install Treecapitator and you should be fine.

7. Potential bug, as witnessed by some players, is when activating the City Builder in order to give him cobblestone and planks, the game crashes when attempting to give him planks. Cobblestone works fine, but when clicking the Give Planks button, the game goes to the Saving Chunks screen, then black-screens.

8. You need an open inventory slot to pick up gold, and zombies can hold gold. This means gold is a legal Item.